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Long term rent in France means a period of one to 12 months furnished rental ideal for house hunting or a long stay. The service is free to book from our owners all over France.
Let in France means you can advertise a property you own for only £80 per year and take advantage of our personal advice and other services such as preparation of the correct French leases.
Rent a house in France for longer than a holiday but shorter than permanently gives you flexibility; up to one year to explore the country or try before you buy.
Let my house in France to English speaking people from all over the world at a cost of just £80 per year  which also includes helpful advice and a personal service while renting out your property.
Let my property in France for just £80 per year  with up to 16 photographs and your own website published at no extra cost.
Rent out my property in France means owners deal directly with prospective tenants  but receive guidance and advice from us at no extra charge in addition to the £80 annual fee.
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Welcome to French Locations
We offer a wide range of properties to
rent in france (1 Month or more)
 and off season lets in France.

Go to our information for Tenants pages for helpful advice and guidance about renting in Francerenting

To let your property in France for upto 12 months or off season

  • Simple registration process to let your house in France
  • We charge NO commission
  • Renters book direct with owners, no letting agents involved
  • Free link to your own website and telephone number
  • French leases with English translation prepared
  • A quarter of a million visitors to the site p.a
  • Cost to advertise for 12 months just £80 or 100 Euros
  • People looking to rent in France up-to 2 years in  advance
  • Practical, friendly bi-lingual advice to help let your house
  • Regular Newsletters to keep you informed

French Locations helps find tenants
for your house in France


PLUS we can also offer the following additional service.

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letting french house
Beautiful fully furnished luxury property in a 3 acre country setting
4 large Bedrooms, hugh fitted kitchen

Grazing available
Situated in quiet protected nature area.
£750 p.m plus utilities
" Many thanks for your excellent service. Over the many years with French Locations we have never been without a winter tenant. Yours gratefully, J.B." "I am getting many many enquiries by phone and email. I could have rented out 5 times over this year - hope next year is just as good.JS" " A quick note to thank you very much, very very much! for putting me in touch with Mr Mrs J, I am so grateful to you; the best thing I have done was to pick up the phone to you thank you for all your trouble and kindness. With very best wishes, J.M." " Thanks for another season of successful lets keep up the good work! Kind regards, M.H."
Renting out your French house or Holiday home

What does it cost to register a property with French Locations?

£80 for a single property, £120 for 2 properties and £30 for each subsequent property.

Why let long term?

Many of the properties registered with us for rent in france are also available for shorter summer holiday bookings. There is a limited demand for shorter holiday bookings during the low season, but a proven market for longer bookings of a couple of months or more. By making your house in france available year round not only will you realise a much greater income from letting, but the house will benefit from being heated and lived in throughout the colder months. Many tenants are happy to maintain the garden whilst they are there, and knowing that your house is not standing empty for extended periods can be a valuable deterrent to burglars.

Who wants to rent long term in France?

The majority of those wishing to rent are considering buying a house themselves and, as a result, may wish to spend some time living in France to ‘test the water’. Renting gives them the opportunity to “try before they buy”, possibly spend time researching schools or employment prospects, and be sure that a move to France is right for them. Others may already have bought a property and need to live nearby for a period of some months to oversee renovation and building works before they can move in; or they may want a base in France for work reasons, some time out enjoying the French way of life for a few months, or even a peaceful base to get the creative juices flowing! Whatever their motivation, renting can offer them an excellent choice of properties all over France.

How long?

Some owners make their properties available for rent during the off-season only (usually Autumn through to Spring), perhaps because they use the property themselves during the Summer or because they make it available for shorter holiday bookings. Others will happily take long lets all year round, or even on a fairly open-ended basis, until such time as they want to move there permanently themselves. Do be prepared to be flexible over your letting season - it may be better to accept a single 12-month booking than have to deal with weekly or fortnightly changeovers throughout the summer months.

Furnished or unfurnished?

Under French law unfurnished property must be let for a minimum period of three years.. The vast majority of tenants enquiring through French Locations are looking for a tenancy of between 3 – 12 months, so in most cases furnished property is best. The law also requires that ‘furnished’ means comfortably furnished rather than just basic, so should include beds, table & chairs, crockery, cutlery etc.

Sometimes, however, tenants want to bring some or all of their furniture with them whilst they are house-hunting in France. So if you have a secure barn or outbuilding do consider making this available to them for storage. Arrangements for this can be covered within the terms of a tenancy agreement.

Leases Click here for more information

For your peace of mind we strongly recommend that there should be a formal French tenancy agreement (“Contrat de Location”) in place for all lets. If a tenant is going to be using your house for a period of several months it is crucial to have all the details covered in a watertight lease so as to avoid any misunderstanding or disagreement. An English lease is not valid under French law. French Locations offers the additional service of supplying tailor-made French tenancy agreements for bookings of one month or more. For full details go to the ‘Leases’ section of our website.

How much can I charge?

Be realistic about the monthly rental for a extended stay. The monthly rent for an off-season let will probably be about equivalent to the weekly rent in high season, but do have a look at what similar properties are charging in your area. Be prepared to offer a range, e.g. £500 - £650. This gives you the flexibility to negotiate depending on the length of the booking, the number in the party, etc.
We would also recommend that utility bills (gas, electricity, water etc.) are paid by the tenant in addition to the monthly rent – that way they are responsible for their own fuel consumption, particularly in the colder months.

What Happens when you find a tenant?

Prospective tenants make direct contact with you.  Find out a bit about them before accepting a firm booking by ‘phone or e-mail.  If possible we recommend that they see the property before a final agreement is reached, although in many cases this is not possible as lots of people come to France from another continents.

It is not nosy to ask why they are coming, nor is it unreasonable to ask for references. In short find out as much as possible about the tenant, set out the ground rules early on and ask for a deposit equivalent to one month’s rent.  This will: (a) guarantee the booking until a tenancy agreement has been drawn up, and (b) act as a warranty against breakages or damage. The deposit should be returned within one month after the end of the booked period, subject to the owner being happy that the property is in the same condition as at the beginning of the tenancy and after deductions for any damage or outstanding utility bills.


Have you any further queries?


Contact telephone 00 33 (0)231 87 35 70



You've looked at the details of the properties registered with French Locations and, we hope, have found some of interest so what next?

Contacting property owners

You will find details of how to contact the property owners with each set of individual property details. A few owners prefer the initial contact to come via French Locations. In this instance, give us a call or email with the property reference number and your contact details, together with an idea of the period you might be considering for renting. We will then contact the owner and ask them to get in touch with you.

Viewing properties

Please note that we are not able to visit the properties listed individually. The descriptions are as supplied to us by the owners. Arranging a long-term booking is very different from making a week or fortnights holiday reservation and we do feel that it is very advisable to visit and view the property first prior to making a firm commitment. If you make an arrangement to meet the owner or their agent at the property for a viewing, please keep the appointment. If your circumstances change and you are unable to make it, or will be late, please let them know. There is nothing owners dislike more than a (no-show).

Furniture, pets and other belongings

Whether or not you arrange a viewing and meet the owner, do check in detail what is included in the let. For example, some tenants will want to take their own bed linen, whereas others want it to be supplied by the owner.

Most properties available for rent in France are let furnished, as under French law unfurnished properties should be let for a minimum of three years. It is often possible, however, to come to an arrangement with an owner if there are a few particular items of furniture you wish to take with you to a property. Alternatively, some properties have a secure outbuilding or storage area which the owner may be willing to make available to you for the period of your let.

If you are intending to take domestic pets with you, or larger animals such as horses, please discuss this with the owner at an early stage of your negotiations. Some owners will not accept any pets, others are very flexible about arrangements, and some are happy to allow pets but will want to apply conditions (such as requiring professional cleaning of carpets and soft furnishings at the end of your tenancy period, or restricting use of the garden).

Tenancy agreements
If you agree to a booking of one month or more it is advisable to have a formal French tenancy agreement in place, and most owners will want to do so as a matter of course. French Locations can offer this service to owners and tenants. The tenancy agreement, or Contrat de Location, sets out in thorough detail all the terms and conditions that need to be agreed between owner and tenant to ensure a trouble-free let. It is designed to help avoid any misunderstanding or disagreement between the two parties, and you will need a Contrat de Location if you want to open a bank account in France. The tenancy agreement will include full details of the period booked, the amount of monthly rent payable, dates when rent should be paid, and any other mutually agreed conditions of the tenancy.

Security Deposit
You should expect that most owners will ask you for a security deposit once the booking is agreed in principle. This is (a) to guarantee the booking until a tenancy agreement has been drawn up, and (b) to act as a warranty against breakages or damage during the rental period. There is no fixed amount for a security deposit, but many owners ask for the equivalent of one months rent. This deposit should be returned to the tenant within one month after the end of the booked period, subject to the owner being happy that the property is in the same condition as at the beginning of the tenancy.

Utility Bills

Expect to pay for consumable utilities, e.g. oil, gas, water, electricity, during the rental period. In the case of metered utilities (such as water and electricity) an owner may ask the supplier to change the bills over to the tenants name. In practice, however, it is more common for the owner still to receive and pay the bills and arrange for the tenant to reimburse them within, say, 10-14 days of receipt of a copy of the bill. For bills covering the beginning and end of the tenancy period which will not be the tenants responsibility in full, the owner will take a meter reading and charge the tenant pro-rata. As for oil and bottled gaz, the usual practice is for the owner to supply a full tank for the tenant at the start of the tenancy, and for the tenant to leave the tank full again on departure
TV, telephone and internet connections

Most, but not all, properties will have connections for televisions and phone lines but the owner may not provide the actual TV set or phone. If this is important to you, please discuss with the owner what they can provide and what they are happy for you to plug in. Bear in mind that not all UK appliances are compatible with French systems.